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Revit Family Creation Services

Revit Family Creation Services

Tesla have worked on the following type of families and content:

Architectural Revit families: Door families, Window families, Furniture and fixtures, Sanitary ware, Kitchen accessories, Walls, ceilings and so on. These Revit families or Revit Contents are parametric families which later can be modified for other project requirements based on the properties of other model requirements. We assign parametric properties to each family and this allows easy manipulation of models.

Structural Revit Families:Tesla excels in creating structural Revit families. These Revit Families or content are mainly for structural components for any Structural BIM Model. We create all kind of structural families like Beam Families, Column families, Trusses, Joist families, foundation families and so on. These Revit families are not only created or developed for Steel structures but also for Wooden structures, RCC and others.

MEP Revit Families: We also create Revit Families for Mechanical(HVAC) Models, Electrical Models and Plumbing Models. Tesla excels in creating Revit content or families for high-end MEP models. These families are parametric and can be modified according to changes in the model. We have developed families pertaining to HVAC components like Pipes, Ducts, Chillers, Heating Equipments, etc along with electrical components, Switches, Boards, Layouts, Lighting fixtures etc. We have also created Plumbing Revit families like washroom fixtures, pipes, tubs, toilet fixtures etc. Creating parametric MEP families is very important and critical for developing a detailed and high-precision MEP BIM Model.

Creating families or content for BIM Models is also a very prominent part of BIM Services. Tesla specializes in creating BIM families or content for a model. Families generally are also known as Revit Families owing to the popularity of the software.

Tesla creates all types of Revit Families or contents across different trades. We create families for Architectural Models, Structural 3D Models and MEP BIM. These families can be simple families or Parametric 3D families. Families or Revit content usually represents group of typical components. We have worked on projects exclusively for family creation. We excel in creating parametric families which changes its property as per the model and its changes.

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