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Architectural BIM Modeling Services

architectural BIM service provider firm in India

Architectural BIM Services is turning out to be significantly essential for modern building projects. It allows you to develop digital representation of the construction project and offers high level of association and interoperability within the building design environment.

Architectural BIM Modeling Services includes various components such as geometry, graphical details, spatial associations, material information and quantity details. Application of a Architectural 3D BIM Model is not just confined to architects or design engineers it is beneficial for project and cost management as well as manufacturing and construction teams associated with the project.

Architectural BIM Services include:

  • Cross-Sectional Models for different buildings like Residential, Commercial, etc..
  • Interior & Exterior Modeling
  • Site Modeling
  • CAD to BIM Conversion Services
  • Scheduling and Phasing
  • Cost Estimation (5D BIM Services)
  • Quantities and Materials
  • BIM Construction Drawing
  • Parametric Family Creation
  • BIM Architectural Coordination model

An Architectural 3D BIM Model provides you comprehensive idea of the project and enables you to visualize interior and exterior of the building project much before the actual construction starts. It facilitates you to visualize your building from various angles thus providing to minute details of the building.

Exterior 3D Models provides you with complete view of building exterior including plants, water bodies, shades, colors, etc. Interior 3D Models enable you to visualize your building interior comprising furniture, space allocation, etc. As part of our 3D Modeling we develop Revit Families for Revit Architecture. This comprises of various components such as Doors, Windows as per the specification laid out by our clients.

We at Tesla Outsourcing Services develop Architectural BIM Models using Autodesk Revit enabling us to provide our clients with optimum results.

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