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Revit Family Creation

Project Synopsis
Revit Family creation project for a supermarket chain in Australia
Project Highpoints
Project Objective

To create detailed non-parametric Revit families for the 24 items used in a supermarket for the client in Australia.

Client Summary
The client is an independent retail supermarket group operating nationally in Australia. The Company now has over 500 supermarkets, food and convenience stores spanning seven states and territories nationally.
Project Summary

We had to create detailed Revit families for the following items:

  • 2 x produce bins with top risers
  • 2 x bakery wall fixtures (2000mm h) that contain glass doors
  • 10 x refrigeration cases – these will include low profile island cases, wall cases and deli cases
  • 10 x registers, varying in size and shape

We had to create non-parametric Revit families for the 24 objects. The client had provided us with AutoCAD files for a few families and pdf for the others.

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Project Completion Year
Project Deliverables

Rfa files for each of the 24 Revit families.


We had to create a few families from the pdfs and images as AutoCAD files were not provided.

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