Applications of Point Cloud Modeling:

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Point Cloud to BIM is the process in which a laser scanner to capture the high-density point clouds of a site, structure or a building following which the data-points are compiled to create a detailed BIM model which can be used for restoration, renovation or extension of existing buildings. Point Cloud to BIM Services can also be used for facility management and for creating as-built models.

There a variety of reasons why scan to BIM is being increasingly used by architects, engineers and designers. Firstly, when the original construction documentation is not available or they are inaccurate, laser scanning can be used to gain an exact understanding of the building’s as-is condition. Moreover, the information provided by laser scanning is accurate and hence the 3D models created from that is more reliable. This leads to better clash detection, accurate costing as well as reduces onsite errors and safety.

In the current infographic, we provide brief information about the applications of Point Cloud Modeling.

Scan TO BIM Services & Point cloud to BIM Services

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