Social Media Marketing is it really effective for Architectural and Engineering firms?

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First question that hits my mind is does the same strategy or technique work for every industry? According to a very popular technology and innovation survey undertaken in 2014-2015 80% of Architectural and Engineering firms use social media. However, half of it whine that this particular marketing tool is not working well or is not effective. What is the reason for the lack of success? There can be many reasons, one of the most prominent reasons are that the companies do not invest a lot of time and efforts in developing correct strategies. We in this article shall discuss some important guidelines which will help you renovate and re think your social media marketing ideas and improvise the results.

  1. Revamp your thought process

Thinking out of the box is the key to success with social media. Multiple social media sites like  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have plenty of techniques to make your company have tremendous web presence.. Apart from these websites best place to advertise or brand your services will be in a portal or website which is about Architectural and Engineering services. There are plenty of industry specific communities and dashboards available across the web. It will be a great idea to invest time and money in generic and industry specific  portals equally. Analyzing the pro’s and con’s of any activity that you wish to undertake will help you in decision making

  1. Importance of planning

Planning and strategic approach is a must before kick starting any social media stratagem. You should have a calendar ready which outlines all the activities that needed to be worked upon. This calendar will assist you in laying out the social media plans and help in smooth execution. Once you develop your calendar you can execute your activities much faster. It is rightly said Time saved = money saved. You can stay on the top of the game by investing some time in planning your activities ahead of execution.

  1. Utilizing visual platforms to promote services

In Architectural and Engineering services “Seeing is believing”. You can write reams of pages on how you work, the processes, how MEP co-ordination services work but a client would feel more satisfied and convinced if he is able to see the work visually in form of model, pictures or snap shots. This is where visual application or portals like Instagram, Pin interest or Face book act as a benefactor. It is very important to post your samples, company presentations or videos on such visual platforms. Even posting videos on YouTube or creating channels on YouTube shall give your social media presence a great boost. These activities provides you new and interactive ways to get in touch with prospective clients and exhibit your work too. You can share BIM models, 3d renderings, shop drawings etc.

  1. Kill your competition

Never underestimate competition. No matter how small the company is it is always important to check on your competition. This helps you plan and develop strategies, identifying their errors and learning from it etc.

These are just a few pointers there can be many items with regards to social media activities and how it can be successfully executed.

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