Top 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Cad Services to AEC firms in India

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Outsourcing your CAD Services is the latest buzz word today. IT, web solutions or BPO, every industry is taking advantage of this particular business model, so how can AEC industry be left behind. There are many benefits that CAD outsourcing Services can offer to a client company. Though the common principle of saving cost remains the same, the model of execution and the gravity of the services will be different.

Construction Industry does not function on the volume game principle. It is basically a serious business and needs an Architectural & Engg. Outsourcing company which is committed to services and quality deliverables. Most of the companies in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and UK work with Indian CAD companies depending on their requirements.
Let us talk about 3 primary benefits which has made CAD Outsourcing to India so popular

Increased efficiency

Reducing over-head costs by maximizing efficiency is the core advantage. When you choose a CAD Services provider in India, you will notice a major difference in the overall project cost. According to statistics, India produces large number of Architects and Engineers year on year. This makes India a viable option for outsourcing Architectural and Engineering Services. Even from an IT perspective, India is much ahead than many countries in the world. Human Resources in India are extremely skilled and experienced in CAD and BIM software like Revit, Auto CAD, ArchiCAD etc.

When a construction company outsources the project, it automatically stops hiring additional resources, which in turn reduces hiring cost, training and software implementation cost which gives a huge boost to the profitability of a project. It is vital to choose Cad companies which have good industry experience, with a proven track record of executing off-shore projects. You can also do referral check prior to sending the projects. Most of the companies have experience of preparing 2D Drawings, 3D Modelling and Rendering Services, BIM Services, Architectural Construction Drawings etc. All your Architectural, Structural or MEP requirements can be managed without hiring any resources. Post global recession, no company would want to risk hiring in-house resources. Outsourcing CAD Services comes as a handy option in this scenario.

Better Project Management

Your CAD partners in India, can offer you excellent project management solutions. Since the project isoutsourced, the client company does not have to worry about the overall management of the project. Yes, the basic responsibility of managing the end client, co-ordination meetings, responding to queries etc. will be there, but getting involved in the project execution cycle is not your responsibility. Managing resources, work allocation, ensuring quality control and final delivery is the responsibility of the CAD Service provider working on your project. This will free you from daily production tasks which in turn can be utilized in bringing new business, focusing on the primary strength of the company and diversification of services. Owing to the time zone benefit, the turnaround time is quick and gives you an edge in terms of delivery schedule.
Hiring an Outsourcing company with CAD Service expertise will help you achieve high quality deliverables and quick turnaround time.

Cost Effectiveness

You can avail cost effective CAD Services in India owing to the reduced hourly rates. Since the economy of countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe are much stronger than India, they get a benefit of optimum currency rates. This means they pay lower hourly rates compared to what they would pay locally

Many international AEC firms, Construction Companies and General contractors have successfully adopted the outsourcing business model and grown their own business successfully. Cad companies in India can be great cost effective options to outsource your AEC services.

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