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CAD to BIM Services

CAD to BIM Services

Today, BIM Services has practically engulfed this industry owing to its robust features and ability to speed up construction process.

Conversion of CAD to BIM has the following benefits:

  • Ability to store all files in an easy manner
  • Modifications and changes become easy as 3d BIM models are parametric
  • Reduction in construction cost overall

In the past construction companies relied a lot on manual way of construction. Slowly and gradually companies are moving into implementing Building Information Modeling in their companies. This means that all manually rafted drawings or drawings developed through CAD in 2D needs to be converted into parametric 3D BIM Model. This process is a very beneficial and better way to improvise over all construction process.

Tesla provides high-end CAD to BIM Services to clients. We convert all kind of CAD files into BIM. It may be conversion of Architectural CAD to BIM, Structural CAD to BIM, and MEP CAD to BIM Services. We even work on manual sketch to BIM or manual drawing sheets to BIM. We take special care of Drafting and Modeling most minute details.

We develop highly detailed BIM model like 3D BIM, 4D BIM and 5D BIM model. This model is fully comprehensive, detailed with Revit Families, Component and other important Drafting details.

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