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Mechanical 3D Animation Services

Tesla Outsourcing Services offers top-notch Mechanical Animation Services to clients across US, UK, Australia and Canada. Product manufacturing techniques, piping and assemblies of different mechanical parts or small sized components can be modeled as well as animated to provide an absolute insight of a specific product. We have a team of Mechanical Engineers with modelers and animators having enormous experience in visualization and Engineering discipline. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of latest standards, techniques and software's pertaining to modeling and animation. We offer our clients valuable services by delivering optimum outcome within cost-effective prices.

Piping Animation

Piping animation exhibits the setup along with solution of a 3D turbulent fluid circulation in a pipe. We provide comprehensive visualization of fluid like gases, feeders, conveyors, etc. by means of color gradient along line or rectangle. It is utilized to display motion of fluids in pipes, ducts, etc. We also are competent at providing a photorealistic touch to the modeling and animation that we build. Piping animation can be employed for presentation as well as marketing purposes.

Equipment Animation

We have proficient Engineers who bring about a potent blend of visualization as well as technical knowhow. This enables us to create models of equipments and afterwards animate them for getting a visualization of all parts in equipment. Sectional views of mechanical equipment display the internal movements whereas elevations or side views provide an idea of exterior portion of equipment. Like for instance a sectional view of rooftop gives you the information pertaining to the dampers, cooling coil, compressors as well as fans will work in synchronized way. Our expert Mechanical Engineers employ this information to evaluate:

  • Critical operational data
  • Temperature
  • Fan speeds
  • Alarm for air pressure and pipe heat
  • Compressor details

Automotive Animation

Automotive Animation pertains to the animation of the different automotive parts like gears, clutch, carbonator, shaft, Piston, etc. in 3D motion to enrich the comprehension and functionality of a specific part. Animation of automobiles or parts can even be utilized for presentation or marketing applications. Automotive animation of components comprises of the following:

  • Chassis, Clutch, Frame, etc.
  • Engine block
  • Automated assembly line in animated form
  • Car body
  • Displaying detailed CAD Drawings of assembled parts

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