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MEP Built Project


3d Exterior Rendering
3D Fruniture Modeling of  
            Office Cabin


3D Fruniture Modeling 
            of Office Cabin

Project Name : Academy As- Built Project

Nature of the Project and Software used : Revit 2014

Size of Project : Medium Size Project

Area : 1259 sq.fts

Resources Utilized : 2 MEP Modelers.

Leadership : 1 Project Manager

Turn Around Time : 10 working days

Project Description :Scope of work for this project was to work on modifications in the MEP scope of work. Modifications were to be done in 2D Drawings and 3D Model.

Building Details : Mechanical Plant-room

Inputs provided by client : Architecture, structure and MEP Models, photographs of As-built, markups in 2D Drawings

Work Methodology:

  • Remodel the plant-room as per the photographs of the as-built provided.
  • Apart from the photographs client also provided us with the 2D drawings. However these drawings were not updated as per the as built photographs.
  • Updated the model referring to the photographs
  • Generation of 2D Drawings.


  • Updated Plant-room model
  • Updated 2D drawings along with sections

Client feedback : Creating as-built models from photographs was not an easy task. It would be very difficult to accomplish this project without having an experienced team. Cheers.!!