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Structural Granulation Plant


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Name of Building: Structural Granulation Plant

Country: USA

Type of Building: Tower

Numbers of floor: 9 Floors

Total Tonnage: 190 Ton

Nature of the project and Software used: It was a Structural steel detailing project executed in Tekla project.

Size of project: This was a large sized project.

Resources Utilized: 6 Steel Detailers, 1 Quality Auditor and 1 project manager

Hours Consumed: 4010 Hours

Turn Around time: 115 working days

Project Description: We had to develop detailed Steel Shop drawings for this project. The list of drawings included Anchor Bolt Plan, Erection Plans, Assembly Drawings, Part Drawings, Reports (Assembly List, Part List, Bolt List, etc.) and .nc Files. We provided the following drawings

  • Biosolids Receiving Station Plans & Sections
  • Granulation Plant Plan Sections and Details
  • Anchor bolt Plan
  • Structural Framing
  • Structural Bracing Elevations
  • Structural CV Truss (3 drawings)
  • Structural Tower (Total 4)
  • Tower Bracing Elevations
  • Structural Bent Sections and Details
  • Structural Screening and Coating Framing
  • Tripper Conveyor Framing Plans
  • Tripper Conveyor Structural Bracing Elevations
  • Process odor control (AB plan)
  • Process odor control (Framing plan)
  • Stair ( Total 20)
  • Stair (T1 to T4)
  • Handrails
  • Gratings

Input and Output: We were provided with the Architectural and Structural Drawings as input. Along with the drawings we were provided with an index of drawings that were supposed to be developed. Utilizing the information provided to us we had to develop detailed steel shop drawings for the areas mentioned above.

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