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Whittier Library


  • Architectural and Structural Drawings
  • Designed HVAC and Plumbing drawing details in CAD
3d Exterior Rendering
3D Fruniture Modeling of Office Cabin


  • HVAC: Supply duct system, Return duct system & Exhaust Duct system
  • Plumbing: Sanitary system, storm water system, vent pipe system, gas service, domestic water service & condensate system
3D Fruniture Modeling of Office Cabin

Name of Building: Whittier Library

Country: California, USA

Type of Building: Educational Building

Numbers of floor: 1 floor including roof

Nature of the project: Revit MEP modeling & Co-ordination and shop drawings as LOD 400 Model

Client Name: Moses Anserlian, CA

End client: K.D. Kim, James Lim

Cal-City Construction: Cerritos, CA

Size of project: Medium sized project

Project Description: This was a Student Academic Center project. To create HVAC model & plumbing services.