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Tesla Outsourcing Services is a CAD Service provider in India offering photorealistic 3D Rendering Services globally. We have worked with Architectural firms and Realtors across USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. We have a team of 3D Rendering Artists, Architects and Interior Designers who strive to produce high quality photorealistic 3D Rendering of Buildings, Products and Furniture for presentation and marketing purposes. We have been in this industry for around 10 years and have garnered immense popularity as one of the most preferred 3D Rendering Services providers from India.

What is 3D Rendering

3D Rendering refers to the process of giving a photorealistic feel to any building or surrounding with adequate textures, material finishing, lighting and illumination. The material in question used in a building or product should exactly correspond to the real material. This process is extremely useful for the presentation of building designs, sites etc.

3D Rendering Services can be primary requirements for Architects, Interior Designers, Real Estate companies, Product Designers, Manufacturing firms etc. Architectural 3D Rendering is mostly used for presentation of building designs. These help in visualizing the building aesthetically much before the construction begins. The benefit we get out of this is that we can change layouts, colors, furniture placement, type and lot of other elements in the design stage itself. This makes it very easy for the Interior Designers to plan and implement the designs during the construction.


2D AutoCAD Design Drawings, Material specifications and Elevations

3D Rendered Image
High resolution: 5000 & above
Medium Resolution: 3000-3500
Low Resolution: 2000-2500

Architectural 3D Rendering, 3D Walkthrough & 3D Floor plan Services

Tesla Outsourcing Services is skilled in delivering photorealistic and cost-effective Architectural 3D Rendering, 3D Walkthrough and 3D Floor Plan Services to Architectural firms, Real Estate companies, Product design firms etc.

Our Services include

3D Product Rendering Services

We are experts in providing 3D Product Rendering Services such as electronic equipment’s, machine prototypes and other components that need to be manufactured. We can develop any 3d product prototype using sketches, dimensioned pdfs or AutoCAD files.

Furniture Rendering Services

We are experts in developing 3D Furniture Models and Renderings for a few renowned furniture manufacturers, Interior Designers and Architectural firms. Our Furniture Rendering Services are unique and developed keeping in mind the client requirements, trending designs and overall interior set up of a residence or commercial premise.


Photomontage Rendering Services is a technique of developing a 3D model and rendering with a realistic backdrop. Tesla has worked on ample photomontage which is again an excellent tool to present a building design against a real and existing site backdrop.

Interior and Exterior 3D Rendering Services

We provide high resolution and photorealistic Architectural Interior and Exterior 3D Rendering Servicesdepending on client requirement. These include Façade Modeling and Rendering, Architectural landscaping, Interior renderings with furniture and entities etc. Our Architects and Interior Designers can create a day and night views with specific lighting technique, effective camera angles that give a right perspective to a building structure.

3D Walkthrough Services

We offer photorealistic and creative 3D Walkthrough Services to Architectural and Real Estate firms. Architectural walkthrough is an extremely popular marketing tool that is used for design presentation and sales of any residential or commercial buildings. Walkthroughs can give a realistic feel of moving through a building space virtually while navigating through the animation. You can also get an aerial flythrough to present the exterior design of any building.

Case Study for 3D Rendering Services  

Benefits of using 3D Rendering

  • Architectural 3D Rendering adds aesthetic value to any building design
  • Visualization of any building design prior to construction reduces changes during construction
  • Assists in design presentation with virtual furniture and fixtures, flooring, interior layouts etc. which can be modified or revised based on client requirements virtually
  • Acts as a comprehensive selling and marketing tool for Architects, Interior Designers and Builders

Our process of execution, comprehension of international building designs, aesthetics and ergonomics applicable across multiple geographical locations makes us one of the preferred 3D Rendering Services providers internationally.

We work on client requirement diligently in terms of camera angles, perspectives, color combination, entities, materials, lighting etc. We deliver wide-range of 3D Rendering solutions with which make an impact in terms of the presentation of the conceptual designs. We simply require rough sketch or design specifications to conceptualize any kind of Architectural infrastructure.

We are a potent mix of talent, creativity and technical expertise. We have a combined team of Architects, Interior Designer and 3D Rendering Artists to continuously work on upgrading the skill sets and work according to latest Architectural trends.

We have a vast library with all types of 3D components which to a great extent saves our modeling time and improves our efficiency. We endeavor to provide cost-effective and high-quality 3D Rendering Services that can help our clients to promote their design and services effectively.

Technical Infrastructure
  • High Speed Server to support central Revit files & Auto CAD Files
  • High Speed Processors: Dual Xeon, Xeon, i5, i7 – 16 Thread
  • RAM: 8 GB - 32 GB
  • Upto 1 TB hard disks
  • GPU: 1 GB - 4 GB Quadro
  • Dual HD and UHD definition monitors
We Have Done Projects of
  • Schools & University
  • Train stations & Airport
  • Residential Buldings
  • Commercial Buldings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Retail
  • Industrial & Gas Stations
  • Historical Monuments
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