Digital Twin-The future of BIM (Part 3)

Digital Twin: The future of BIM Part - 3
Finally, as we conclude the three-blog series dedicated to exploring and explaining Digital Twin, the latest trend in the AEC industry, and its connection to BIM; we discover the ...
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Digital Twin: The future of BIM (Part 2)

In our previous blog, we understood what exactly Digital Twin is and how it differs from BIM Modeling Services. But, it is also a fact that they are not entirely distinc ...
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Digital Twin: The Future of BIM (Part 1)

Digital Twin
Have you ever wondered what's next after BIM Modeling Services? The answer might not be that surprising, but it will definitely catch your eye. "Digital Twin." In this blog, we wi ...
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How do Cost Managers Benefit from 5D BIM?

Owing to the rise of the digital era, construction companies are facing cutthroat competition in the AEC industry today. Being able to complete building projects within an estimat ...
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Why Invest in 3D Rebar Detailing?

Traditionally, there did not exist a solid concept of Rebar Detailing. On-site contractors made estimated decisions to place steel rods in a bid to occupy spaces in reinforcement ...
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