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Tesla Outsourcing Services is a decade old BIM outsourcing company specializing in Architectural BIM Services. We offer a comprehensive Architectural BIM Services to clients globally. The primary reason for using BIM modeling services is to create a 3D view with a detailed geometry of the building design before the construction begins and validate the designs for any clashes, interferences etc. The digital representation of a building offers a host of advantages which are gradually inspiring construction companies to shift towards BIM.

What is Architectural BIM

BIM Modeling or Virtual Construction Modeling is a computerized presentation of a building or an infrastructure in 3D format. It presents to us the 3D geometry visually however it acts as a data power house and is capable of extracting all type of data that can be used for construction purposes.


Following are the requirements of inputs for creating the Architectural BIM model:

  • Design drawing,
  • Images
  • PDF
  • Photographs
  • AUTOCAD files
  • Information on Level of detailing


We can create a BIM Model for Architectural, Structural and MEP discipline. Architectural BIM Services depicts the Architectural side of BIM. It consists of 3D Modelling of Doors, Windows, Ceilings etc. along with exterior façade detailing, site plans etc. Also it consists of Schedules and Costing (4D and 5D), BIM Construction Drawings, Revit Families etc. These models can be used for creation of 3D renderings as well. Based on the client requirement, we can determine the Level of Detailing and classify the models accordingly. LOD 100: Conceptual and massing, LOD 200: Presentation, LOD 300/400: Construction and Detail drawings, LOD 500: As-built Drawings

Architectural BIM Modeling Services include

Architectural Revit 3D Modeling

We have successfully created 3D models for a wide range of buildings such as residential, commercial, hospitality, community centers, sports complex, etc. for architects, general contractors, subcontractors, owners, builders, building managers and various other stakeholders who are involved in the design and construction life-cycle of a building.

CAD Drafting to Architectural BIM Services

We help our clients in migrating from CAD Drafting to Architectural BIM Services. Our expert team of Architects and BIM modelers can develop a 3D BIM model from AutoCAD 2D drawings. We can also develop a coordinated architectural BIM model that can be used for design validation and clash detection.

Architectural Exterior Modeling

Exterior modeling includes exterior walls, roof, exterior facades, doors, windows, etc.

BIM Family Creation Services

We provide BIM family creation services which includes parametric and non-parametric Revit families for furniture, doors, windows, etc.

Site Modeling

We can create a topographical surface with varying elevations from 2D CAD file, develop the site by adding building elements, building mass, retaining walls and even trees. We can also create existing and new site conditions based on our client’s requirements.

4D and 5D BIM

We can develop models of LOD 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 400 and LOD 500 based on your requirements. We can add Scheduling and Phasing (4D BIM) and Cost Estimation (5D BIM) to the Architectural BIM model so that you can take timely decisions and ultimately create better buildings.

Revit Construction Drawings

Our team of Architects and BIM modelers can extract the construction drawings from the Revit BIM model and can further refine these drawings by adding annotations and notes to complete the CD set.

Architectural Interior Modeling

Interior modeling includes elements such as interior walls, furniture, fixtures, ceiling, flooring, staircase, internal doors & windows, etc. with the material application (this is useful for developing the BOQs).

Scan to BIM Services

Tesla offers Scan to BIM Services for renovation and refurbishment of Old Residential and commercial buildings, Historical monuments, Old church or mosques, Bridge and tunnels, Train Stations, Airports etc.

Furniture Modeling Services

Our team of BIM modelers are well-informed with the latest trends in furniture modeling and work closely with the manufacturers and furniture designers to create parametric and non-parametric 3D models of Home furniture, Office furniture, Storage furniture, Outdoor furniture, etc.

Case Study for Point Cloud to BIM  

Architectural BIM has a lot of advantages to its credit and can be extremely useful in overall construction process

  • Conceptual Designing: Architectural BIM Modelling gives an edge to the overall design process. We can use BIM to create multiple design options for presentation purposes with different variations in layout, space planning etc. We can also develop 3D visualization models with diverse color combination, material specifications etc. to give a realistic feel
  • Pre-Construction Phase: Develop detailed and accurate Construction Drawings from Architectural BIM Model. The parametric features available within a BIM Model makes it easier to achieve high level of detailing with accuracy. Any changes that are made in the plans automatically reflects in all related areas of the sheets. We can use the Architectural Model for BIM coordination services collaboratively where the interferences can be detected prior to construction. This keeps the construction cost in control by reducing design changes during construction.
  • Construction Phase: With the help of 4D (Construction Sequencing) and 5D (Costing/Budgeting) we can plan the construction phases effectively. We can have excellent on site construction co-ordination, man power and labor utilization with the help of Architectural Modelling. We can also fix on site changes based on the virtual design model.
  • Post construction Phase: We can use Architectural BIM Modeling for presenting an as built model that can be later used for renovation and re-construction of any building. We can also ensure systematic facility management using detailed Architectural model containing various asset details.

Tesla – One of the best Architectural BIM service provider

We have a team of BIM Architects who have experience of working on Architectural BIM Modelling projects. Our long term experience in the sphere of BIM services, ability to endure project pressure, deliver quality and timely deliverables have made us one of the best Architectural BIM Service provider.

We have experience of working with large and renowned Architectural, Structural and MEP firms globally. Our expertise and experience lie in developing detailed BIM Models for Residential and commercial buildings, Hospital and healthcare, Schools and universities, Government buildings, Retail community centers, etc.

Technical Infrastructure
  • High Speed Server to support central Revit files
  • High Speed Processors
  • RAM: 16-32 GB
  • Upto 1 TB hard disks
  • GPU: 2 GB Quadro P620
  • Dual HD and UHD definition monitors
We have done Projects of:
  • Schools & University
  • Train stations & Airport
  • Residential Buldings
  • Commercial Buldings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Retail
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