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Point Cloud to BIM Services

Avail our Point Cloud to BIM Services to transform your laser scan data to 3D BIM models of LOD 100-500 and expedite your renovation, restoration, and expansion projects cost-effectively. We create as-built Architectural, Structural and MEP elements from point cloud data with an accuracy as high as up to 0-5 mm.
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Create accurate models of the As-Built environment with our unrivaled Point Cloud Modeling Services

Point Cloud to BIM

We specialize in creating a precise replica of the actual structure by analyzing its scan data in form of millions of point clouds and developing a precise and information-rich as-built BIM model. We provide comprehensive Point Cloud to BIM Services that consist of architectural, structural and MEP disciplines. Our highly trained and competent team of architects and engineers create accurate 3D BIM models with detailed building data for various elements such as beams, walls, pipes, ducts, roofs, ceilings columns etc. using Autodesk Revit.

Our 3D BIM models are ideal for carrying out expansion, renovation, and refurbishment projects while keeping the established structure and systems in place. We harbor extensive expertise in working on various scan formats such as .RCP, .E54, .PTS, .RCS, etc. to develop as-built BIM models representing existing systems, fixtures and elements. Our intricately detailed and scan to BIM models of LOD 100-500 and absolute 3D visualization provide construction professionals with all the necessary information to ensure sound and informed decision making.

Additionally, we follow a structured and efficient Point Cloud to BIM workflow process that delivers design intelligence, improved material quantity consumption, labor costs, and true renovation timelines. We equip our clients with absolute as-built BIM models by proving them with regular updates during the project course so as to ensure their contentment with the progress and output quality.

Avail Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Solutions tailored to your requirements

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings

We have worked on reconstruction for high-rise apartments, hotels, resorts, hospitals, community centers, etc. We also have significant experience in developing accurate as-built BIM models that aid reconstruction or restoration projects and help facility managers with effective operations and maintenance.

Historical Monuments

We provide solutions for Point Cloud to BIM Conversion for historical monuments such as national monuments, churches, museums, etc. We have the required knowledge, skill, and finesse to carry out complex cravings, 3D geometries, domes, casings, etc. of heritage buildings.

Why choose Tesla for your Point Cloud To BIM Solutions?

Tesla Outsourcing Services is a leading CAD and BIM company with a strong foothold in the global Digital Construction industry. Spanning business in 25+ countries across the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada, we have successfully undertaken and executed 1000+ projects. With our vast resources and expert team of multi-disciplinary professionals, we guarantee client satisfaction by delivering impeccable BIM models.

Our immersive experience of 14+ years has earned us the name of a trusted brand for high quality Point Cloud to BIM conversion solutions. With a single point of contact for seamless client communication, we ensure coherence with client requirements while assuring top level data security and confidentiality.

Our client-centric approach, highest client satisfaction ratio and strict adherence to applicable international codes and standards enables us to stand out from the plethora of similar businesses in the AEC industry. Look no further and request a quote now to avail of our services that are guaranteed to deliver customer satisfaction in a quick turnaround time at inexpensive rates!

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1. Scan Conversion

Initially, we receive scans from clients which we immediately get registered with scan registry if they are not. We can navigate projects through all scan formats such as .pts, .rcs, .e57, .fls, etc. which are then converted into .rcp format and saved as recap file.

point 2

2. Template Selection

Next, we pick the Revit template specified by the client and in the absence of such instruction, a default format is chosen.

point 3

3. Recap File Linking

The Revit file is then linked to the aforementioned Recap file. The link types include origin to origin, center to center and shared coordinates. Failure to provide an acceptable result by any of these link types results in a manual mapping process.

point 4

4. Levels Creation
and BIM modeling

Next, levels are created according to the scan; after which our Revit experts begin applying comprehensive BIM process on the scanned model, thereby developing a highly precise and detailed as-built model.

point 5

5. QC

The as-built model undergoes exhaustive scrutiny and analysis from project leaders. Although rare, any inaccuracy or inconsistency detected in the model is corrected and sent for quality check repeatedly to develop an error-free as-built model.

point 6

6. Delivery

Finally, a high-quality as built BIM model is deliveredto the client while meeting the cost and time efficiency promises. The entire project is handles with utmost care and integrity to ensure indomitable data security and client confidentiality.

Transform your Point Cloud data into As-Built BIM models

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Scan to BIM Services is essential for any reconstruction project as it is more accurate than manual surveys. It requires fewer resources and lesser time. Moreover, the 3D BIM Models created from point cloud data provide conventional BIM deliverables like construction documentation, clash detection, increased collaboration, etc. which enhances the project aspects.

Our expert team converts the laser scans into 3D BIM Models by using Autodesk Revit and Autodesk ReCap. The file formats supported by Autodesk ReCap are .rcp and .rcs. These are registered file formats that can be linked directly in Revit to create a BIM Model. Registered scans integrate the point cloud data generated from different angles into a single coordinated system. A complete layout of the building or infrastructure is received and is advantageous in the case of large and complex projects.

Other than point cloud data obtained from laser scanning, there is information that can be useful to carry out the project successfully. It can be existing CAD drawings, 360° images, site photographs, videos, etc. The data provided could be registered or unregistered format. If unregistered, our team can register the same.

It is not possible for laser scanning to detect the minute and hidden components of MEPF disciplines. The BIM Modeler must be provided with schematic drawings and photo-realistic images so that they can understand the specifications and details of the existing MEPF disciplines of any building or infrastructure project. They can then accurately model and incorporate the MEPF systems into the 3D model and complete the project.

All the construction work has tolerances that are allowed for inherent variances. In a BIM Model, that is made from point cloud data the tolerance level can be low as 0.10mm. However, depending on the project’s specific requirements. If tolerances need to be tighter then CAD files, 360° images, videos, etc. can be an added advantage.

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