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Tesla Outsourcing Services is a decade old BIM outsourcing company in India offering detailed 3D BIM Coordination Services, MEP Co-ordination Drawings and BIM Clash detection Services globally. We have worked with construction Companies, MEP contractors, MEP Consultants and Engineering Consultant.

Our ability to deliver clash free BIM Coordination Services with excellent design validations and inputs that helps a seamless collaboration process has made us the most viable BIM service provider in India. We have completed several projects for Residential and commercial buildings, Schools, Community centers, Industrial structures etc.

We have a team of BIM Engineers with profound experience and expertise of working on MEP BIM coordination Modeling. Our Engineers have exposure to on-site installation of MEP components which become expedient while working on such projects. We have profound expertise and experience of coordination process and collaboration meetings that are required to make design validation and changes to it prior to construction. We use internet meeting tools like Go-to-Meetings, WebEx, Skype etc. to conduct on line meetings with the Design team, MEP Engineers and Architects. We provide value addition services to our clients where they can review our suggestions, design inputs as one single team and finalize the coordinated model to ensure fast and cost effective on-site construction.

Tesla provides highly accurate and clash free MEP BIM Models, MEP Co-ordination Drawings across different building types.

BIM Co-ordination Services in 3D

We are experts in delivering BIM Coordination Services in 3D using latest software and systems.

BIM Clash Detection

Clash detection and Interference checking is the first step in the coordination process. BIM Clash detection encompasses of interference checking, extraction of clash reports and performing design validation to ensure there are no major collisions between Architectural, Structural and MEP disciplines.

MEP Coordination Modelling Services

Post Clash Detection, we work on MEP co-ordination modelling to ensure all BIM trades such as HVAC BIM, Electrical, Firefighting and Plumbing BIM Models are aligned with Architectural and Structural models in the right manner. We perform BIM Coordination between all disciplines, mark up any such clashes that needs a design change and discuss this in collaboration with all the parties involved in construction. This helps everyone to be on same page as far as design is concerned.

MEP coordination Drawings

Tesla is an expert in delivering MEP coordination Drawings post completion of BIM coordination process. We have a team of BIM Engineers and CAD Drafters who ensure we follow the right drafting standards, presentation methods etc. that makes the on-site installation less cumbersome.

MEP BIM Coordination Services are very beneficial in saving on-site construction hazards. This technology resolves 90% of design issues post construction and remaining 10% can be resolved on site. The MEP Coordination Drawings are developed in a way, which gives the site manager clear ideas in terms of resolving these clashes while construction and enable accurate and time specific construction.