Steel Shop Drawings Services
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Steel Shop Drawings Services

For over a decade, Tesla has been delivering prompt Steel Shop Drawings Services to steel fabricators, design firms, contractors and engineers at the most competitive rates. We work as an extended arm for our clients and it is our constant endeavor to deliver accurate Fabrication Drawings within the stipulated time-frame. We are dependable and ensure the highest customer satisfaction for all our clients.

Structural shop drawings are diagrams, schedules or other structural documents that are generated by steel detailers and structural engineers to aid the fabrication process. We have an experienced team of structural steel detailing professionals who are skilled in creating GA drawings (erection drawings), assembly drawings, sections & details, single part/component drawings, structural 3D models, advanced bill of materials (assembly list, part list, bolt list, etc.), and reports such as .nc files, kiss files, etc.

Tesla has a profound experience of working on commercial and industrial steel detailing projects. We can produce steel fabrication drawings for steel elements in bridge projects, industrial projects, commercial buildings and produce detailing for elements such as stairs, rails, etc. Our steel detailers have an extensive experience of providing precise rebar detailing and fabrication drawings.

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We Provide Steel Shop Drawings Services for

Residential Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Train Stations & Airport


Hotels & Resorts

Schools & University

Industrial & Gas Stations

Historical Monuments

Benefits of Fabrication Drawings Services

  • Fabrication Drawings presents a clear picture of the design and fabrication information required for the fabrication and erection of steel members. This facilitates the off-site manufacturing process.
  • .nc files that are generated during the process facilitate the fabrication of steel members. These files contain the details of all the components and instruct the CAM software on what to cut.
  • It also facilitates the accounting of steel components in particularly large assemblies wherein it is difficult to fabricate the entire structure as a single piece due to its large size. In this case, the parts are labeled and manufactured offsite and then assembled on-site.