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Tesla is a BIM Outsourcing Company in India providing customized and ready to use Revit Family Creation Services globally. We work for manufacturers, product designers and BIM companies who have an ongoing requirement of Architectural, Structural and MEP components . Manufacturers and Product Design firms can manufacture components or design products based on the details, product specifications, 3D geometry etc. specified in the Revit families.

Tesla is one of India’s leading Revit Family Creation Service provider and a perfect outsourcing partner for all your Revit content requirements for both building construction and product manufacturing. With a proven track record of working with a few renowned constructions and design companies, we have gained a reputation of being a reliable partner for all BIM Content Creation Services.

Our extensive experience in the field of BIM family creation services adds to our experience of handling BIM projects for a decade. We have a team of BIM content creation specialist, Product designers and BIM Engineers who are experts in Revit family creation. We also provide our services to BIM companies who are in search of parametric families that can be used in Architectural, Structural and MEP BIM Models.

Our experts check all BIM Content or Revit families in the Architectural and Production team. These experts help us design customized, ready to use BIM components that can be added to in progress Virtual Construction Models.

We create Revit families from 2D CAD Drawings, PDFs with dimensions and specifications. We are experts in producing high volume BIM Content or BIM families within quick turnaround time.

What is Revit Family Creation

Revit Family Creation is a process of creating 3D BIM components that can be used for developing a Revit Model. Every element in a BIM Model is a family. The families are divided into different categories and each category may have multiple families. Category is further bifurcated into “BIM Families” that is easier to segregate and utilize. We can also add tags, dimensions, annotations and feed in several other specifications that can later be used for facility management.


AutoCAD Drawings or PDF with material specification, dimensions, manufacturer data and all parameters that need to be incorporated in the family.


Revit family (.RFA)

BIM Family Creation Services, Generic & Parametric Revit Family Creation

Architectural BIM Family Creation Services

OurArchitectural BIM Family Creation Services include Generic and parametric Revit family creation for Doors, Windows, Walls, Staircase, Furniture etc. We have a team of BIM content specialist working in sync with Architects and Interior designers who provide suitable guidelines for detailed generic and parametric Revit family creation.

Structural BIM Family Creation Services

We have experience of working on Structural BIM Modeling and steel detailing projects. We provide Structural BIM Family Creation Services for BIM Models, fabricators who want to manufacture structural steel or metal components directly. We work on Beams, Columns, Trusses, Joists, corrugated roof, fences etc. We also are experts in providing Revit Family Creation Services for wooden structures, metal components apart from structural steel.

MEP Revit Family Creation Services

Tesla is an ideal Revit Family Creation Service partner for global clients within construction industry, Oil and Gas, manufacturing industry etc. We are experts in developing BIM Content for MEP that can be used for product manufacturing, building an MEP BIM Model etc. Manufacturers can create an online library of different HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical fixtures that can be downloaded by BIM companies or product designers for their purposes.

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Revit Family Creation Benefits

  • Minimization of BIM Modeling time and maximized productivity owing to its parametric features.
  • Standalone loadable families can be created once and used for different mode project environments reducing the modeling time to a great extent. This results in construction cost overall.
  • Revit family creation provides options to feed in component specification, tags, manufacturing details, service date information etc. that helps in overall facility management
  • BIM content creation also is very useful in renovation and retrofit projects where we can analyze the current building components and replace them with newer ones during construction

Construction companies, Architectural firms, Contractors etc. can avail Revit Family Creation Services for their internal virtual construction requirements. To avail customized BIM family creation services families Contact us

Technical Infrastructure
  • High Speed Server to support central Revit files & Auto CAD Files
  • High Speed Processors: Dual Xeon, Xeon, i7 – 16 Thread
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Upto 1 TB hard disks
  • GPU: 1 GB Quadro
  • Dual HD and UHD definition monitors
We Have Done Projects of
  • Architectural
  • MEPF
  • Structural
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Design
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