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Project Delivery Process

For a successful outsourcing business association, delivering higher ROI is the key. This can only be attained by developing a long-term strategy which is in-line with the overall project management approach. We, at Tesla, understand that each project is unique and so should be the project management approach. This is done effectively within our pre-defined process by modifying it to suit the client’s requirements. Delivering projects on-time securely is our priority. We follow the following process (after tailoring to customer’s requirements) of project execution:


We employ several processes to ensure complete and smooth transition from the Business Development team to the Project Execution team. Some of these steps are deployed before the project is confirmed depending on the requirement of the project / client.

We understand the importance of confidentiality of projects and have various mechanisms in place to ensure confidentiality and data security. We, at Tesla, are committed to protect the information shared by our clients and sign an NDA with our clients to this accord.

Effective communication is a key to ensure the success of an offshore outsourcing project. Multiple communication channels often lead to mis-communication that adversely affects the outcome of the project. It is important to ensure a key single point of contact at both (Tesla and Client) who is responsible for the overall project management and communication including queries, discussions and approvals on the project. Tesla assigns a Project Manager for each project who is also the single point of contact with the client.

After the project is confirmed, we carry out a detailed analysis of the project and its requirements, re-check the available inputs and provide a feedback to the client regarding any missing or pending information. We allocate resources as per the delivery schedule required and share the details of progressive and final dispatches with the client.


After initial planning and the team formation, it is vital to execute the plan to perfection for successful accomplishment of the project. Based on the nature of the project, some or all of the below mentioned processes are implemented:

An internal kick-off meeting is done with the Project Manager, production team and QA team. Individual roles and responsibilities are fixed and the requirements of the clients are shared. This ensures that all the team members understand the level of commitment required during the project.

Once the roles and responsibilities of individuals are fixed, the team starts working on the project as per the guidelines. Any missing information or discrepancy is communicated with the client by raising an RFI. We maintain a separate register for open and closed RFIs which is also shared with the client.

We provide progressive dispatches of the project to the client for their review and feedback. This enables the client to monitor the progress of the project and ensures better control on the project.

Quality Check

As each project is different, a customised quality check list is prepared by the QA team at the onset of the project. This includes standard quality check plus any additional requirements of the project. We follow a 2-layer quality check process. The project is first checked by the project lead and then the QA team before dispatch.

Delivery and Client Feedback

The quality check project is delivered to the client for review and feedback. The feedback received from the client are incorporated into the project before final delivery.

Final Dispatch

Once the feedback from the client is incorporated, the project is again checked for quality and the final outcome is dispatched to the client.

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