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Tesla Outsourcing Services is one of the most preferred BIM outsourcing companies in India offering Architectural, Structural and MEP BIM Services globally. We are one of the top 10 3D BIM Modelling and MEP BIM Coordination service provider with expertise in delivering BIM services across various industries and domains.

We have a team of BIM Architects and Engineers with in-depth subject matter expertise, experience of handling international Building Information Modeling projects and on-site experience of how construction works off shore.

Architectural, Structural & MEP BIM Services in India

Architectural BIM Services

We provide Architectural BIM Services globally to Architectural firms, Construction Companies, Realtors and General contractors. We provide Architectural BIM Modelling for BIM Coordination, Designing, planning, 3D rendering and on-site construction.

Structural BIM Services

We provide structural BIM Services globally to Architectural companies, steel fabricators and General contractors. Our structural BIM services include Structural 3D BIM modelling, Structural shop drawing creation, Rebar Detailing etc.

MEP BIM Services

We are one of the best BIM companies in India offering MEP BIM Services to USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. We have worked on MEP 3D Modelling, BIM Co-ordination Services, MEP shop Drawings etc. for diverse building infrastructures such as Hospitals and Health care, Hospitality industries, Education sector, Community centers, Residential and commercial buildings etc.

Revit Family creation

We are well known Revit family creation service provider in India offering Architectural, Structural and MEP BIM content creation. We work on Revit family creation for Manufacturers, product Design companies, Architectural firms, Construction companies etc.

Point cloud to BIM Modelling Services

We offer scan to BIM Services for old historical monuments, churches, Government buildings, Apartments, Schools and colleges etc. Our point cloud to BIM Modelling Services are availed by well-known and large scale survey companies globally.

We are experts in developing3D BIM modeling serviceswith intricate 3d geometry, building data etc. which can be utilized for constructability reviews and design presentation.

Our services includeBIM construction drawings, MEP Installation Drawings and Point cloud to BIM Services depending on client requirements. Tesla over a period of 10 + years has established itself as a leading BIM Outsourcing company in India owing to its quality deliverables, commitment to turnaround time and skilled work force with good English speaking and project comprehending abilities.

We have executed complex Revit Modeling Services Projects to clients in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. BIM Architects and Engineers at Tesla are competent in developing BIM Models from LOD 100 through LOD 500, depending on the project and construction requirements.

Choose BIM Service Partners from India

Choosing BIM Service partners from India, helps you save software cost, hiring cost and training expense. You can hire dedicated resources for on-going projects based on your project volume. This will help you focus on your design work and other core competencies instead of spending time on managing BIM projects.

Hiring a BIM Outsourcing company in India will also help you save money on substantialtechnical infrastructure, software and high end computers.

An Eye for detailing and expertise in providing BIM Modelling Services for almost a decade differentiate Tesla Outsourcing Services from our contemporaries. We have successfully emerged as one of the most successful BIM Service partners in India in a due course of time due to our diligent and quality centric approach, quick turnaround time and ability to comprehend global construction standards.