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Tesla Outsourcing Services is an Architectural and Engineering outsourcing company in India offering high-quality 3D Floor Plan Services to clients in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. We have track record of executing high volume Architectural floor plan projects. We possess a combined skill set of software, creativity and knowledge of aesthetics applicable across different countries globally. When Tesla takes up any 3D Floor Plan project, the result reflects the taste and aesthetic display of colors, furniture and space planning of that location in particular.

What is 3D Floor Plan Services

3D Floor Plans offer a top view of any building interior giving an idea of the overall layout of the 2D plan in 3D. You shall be able to get a very fine idea of how the furniture is placed, floor style, wall placements, kitchen layout, etc. and how the overall layout will appear post construction. Architectural 3D Plan is usually created by Architects and Interior designers for sales and marketing of these design. End clients will be able to see the design in a photorealistic manner and also suggest design alterations based on the plans.


2D AutoCAD plans, material specification and other design specifications like flooring, entities, etc.

We offer the following 3D Architectural Floor Plan Services

Residential 3D units

3D apartment units plan

3D office floor plan

Airport 3D Floor plans

Hospital floor plan

Hotel 3D floor plans

3D School plan

3D Wall and section plan

Apart from these services, we also offer Interactive and Virtual Floor Plans extensively. Interactive floor plans offered by Tesla Outsourcing Services can be seamlessly integrated in any website or presentation depending on client requirements. These 3D floor plan services are extremely useful in marketing presentation and campaigns.

We are extremely proud to be on the top of the game as one of the most talented and creative 3D floor plan service providers in India.

Why 3D Floor Plan Services

3D Floor Plan Services give great confidence in selling residential and commercial units to clients. These plans are used for marketing and presentation purposes. Apart from allowing the client to preview the interior design, it also gives a provision to the end user to make any changes to the design in terms of colors, flooring, furniture and fixtures or even space planning. We can present the Architectural 3D Units with different angles or perspective to give a wholesome view of the entire unit.

As an Architect or Real estate developer, 3D Floor Plan Services augment the sales prospects tremendously. It also reduces the redundancy of re-designing or doing the interiors again post construction just in case there are any loose ends visible in the design. Tesla specializes in 3D house plan services that absolutely present the conceptual design in the most realistic manner to clients. This process also helps in reducing construction cost considerably.

Owing to our design and 3D Rendering Service experience, we have emerged as the most successful 3D floor plan company in India delivering high-quality, cost-effective and photorealistic Architectural 3d Units. Apart from residential renderings, we accomplished commercial and industrial 3D Rendering projects in the past.

Case Study for 3D floor plan  

Benefits of using 3D Rendering

  • - 3D floor plans provide a visual 3D geometry of the layout
  • - Ability to visualize the building aesthetically prior to construction
  • - Better understanding of the layout in 3D than 2D layout
Why Tesla?

Tesla has built a strong client base of Architectural firms and Realtors who outsource 3D Floor Plan Services. Our decade-plus experience in this domain and high-quality deliverables has made us one of the Top 10 3D floor plan companies in India. We assist our clients in transforming their 2D CAD plans into 3D floor plans extensively with furniture placements, fixtures, flooring and many other props that give the floor plan a creative edge.

Our Expertise

We specialize in developing 3D floor plan units for Residential(House, Flat), Commercial(Office,Building) and Industrial setups. We have qualified Architects, Interior Designers and 3D Rendering artists on board who transform conceptual designs into plan in 3d which gives a realistic feel of an interior part of a building. Designing a Architectural floor plan gives an excellent insight to the clients who are keen on understanding the utility of interior designs.

Technical Infrastructure
  • High Speed Server to support central Revit files & Auto CAD Files
  • High Speed Processors: Dual Xeon, Xeon, i5, i7 – 16 Thread
  • RAM: 8 GB - 32 GB
  • Upto 1 TB hard disks
  • GPU: 1 GB - 4 GB Quadro
  • Dual HD and UHD definition monitors
We Have Done Projects of
  • Schools & University
  • Train stations & Airport
  • Residential Buldings
  • Commercial Buldings
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Retail
  • Industrial & Gas Stations
  • Historical Monuments
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