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Tesla Outsourcing Services provides standardized and high precision Architectural Construction Drawing Services globally. We are a company based in India since 10+ years and have a strong client base of Architectural firms availing Working Drawings, Detailed drawings etc. We work on Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings. Our project portfolio boasts of Hospitality projects, Health care and hospital drawings, Residential and Commercial buildings, Schools and Universities etc.

We have worked with some top construction companies, Architectural firms etc. in US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. Our Architects have comprehensive knowledge of various International Building Codes and construction standards which enables them to provide you with high precision and standardized output. Presenting the drawing in a standardized format that is easy for an Architect and on-site contractor to interpret is extremely important. Tesla is expert in presenting the Architectural Construction Drawing in set standards such as appropriate scale of the sheet, proper readable fonts, line weights, color coded layers etc. Adapting to location specific standards and codes is one of our key strengths.

We are experts in delivering Architectural Construction Drawing Services for multiple building types with varied level of detailing.

Construction Documentation Services – Revit Construction Drawings, Presentation Drawings and Detailed drawings

Architectural Construction Drawing Services

Tesla offers detailed and standardized Architectural Construction Drawing Services globally for Architectural firms, Construction Companies etc. since a decade. We have great expertise in developing CAD and building code compliant drawings across diverse locations. Our construction Drawing services include

  • 2D floor plans
  • Section Drawings
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Roof Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling plan
  • Detailed drawing sheets
  • Site Plans
  • Furniture Layouts

Revit Construction Drawing Services

Building Information Modeling is an innovative technology that offers plenty of benefits during the pre-construction and post construction phase. Since BIM is a data bank and can offer plenty of information from a single model. Architectural Construction Drawings is one of the multiple services that you can avail from a BIM Model. Drawings extracted from Revit is popularly known as Revit Construction Drawing Services or BIM Construction Drawing Services. There are plenty of advantages that one can avail with the help of BIM Construction Drawing Services

- Revit Construction Drawing Services provides you with a data rich 3D Model from which you can extract all construction drawings with annotations, dimensioning, call outs etc.

- Since BIM provides parametric features, it is easier to make modifications in the drawings when required. Changes made in the plan automatically duplicates in the sections, elevations and other connected elements. This feature is not available in AutoCAD hence there are high chances of errors and precision takes a hit many times. Also the efforts that we put in is lot more than what it is in BIM

- 3D Models can be extremely useful in future whenever there is a design change post construction. It is easier to set up sheets and extract construction drawings later. This model as act as a reference to existing design in case of as built drawing creation.

2D Presentation Drawings

Tesla also provides 2D presentation drawings from conceptual design that helps in presenting a building design in a visual manner. We develop 2d colored elevations and plans, Sections, Site landscaping etc.

Tesla consistently delivers high precision output in a time bound fashion. Owing to our track record we have been successful in retaining our clients with ongoing repeat business from them. Our Architects ensure that they follow building design and codes and aesthetics according to the demography that they are working for. We act as an extended office to Architectural firms who require ongoing Architectural Construction Drawing Services globally. Tesla has emerged to be the most dependable and cost effective CAD services provider in India offering Architectural Construction Drawing Services globally.

Accurate Construction Drawings can help in controlling construction costs to a great extent. Builders as well as Contractors can concentrate more towards strengthening their core competency on site by outsourcing their Architectural Construction Drawing Services to India.