Actions taken by Revit users for handling the changes made to monitored elements during coordination review

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With the assistance of ‘Action column’ Revit users can successfully handle coordination review when they are confronted with the warnings about the changes made to the monitored elements. In other words Revit users can successfully govern the process of handling changes that have been made to the elements of a current project. For every change an action can be performed by Revit users simply by clicking on to ‘Action column’ and then selecting an appropriate action for the change. Depending upon the change made to the elements the actions performed by the users can vary.

Below is the list of various actions that can be taken by users for handling changes

Postpone/ Do nothing

  • If in case this action is selected by Revit users it clearly states that nothing should be done to address the changes at this moment.
  • The changes made on the monitored elements can be addressed later on and hence they can be left as it is for some more time.
  • In short ‘Postpone/Do nothing’ action is selected by Revit users so that they can deal with the change made on the element later on.


  • Reject is selected by Revit users when they figure it out that the modifications or alterations made on the element is wrong and hence it should not be applied on it.
  • So when Revit users select this action, the changes made on the elements can be easily rejected.
  • In other words Revit users can get rid of incorrect changes that have been made on an element by selecting ‘Reject’ in the Action column.

Accept the difference

  • If in case this action is selected by Revit users in the Action column, it means that they fully agree with the change that has been made to the element and they would like that change to be implemented forever.
  • When change made to a monitored element is correct and is effective in terms of design improvement it should be accepted by Revit users by selecting Accept the difference action.

Above mentioned are only some of the important actions that can be used by Revit users while performing coordination review for tackling the changes in the monitored elements.

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