Technicalities of using information from different sources while working on Revit

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Various kinds of difficulties and complications are faced by design and construction professionals when they use information from distinct sources for accomplishing their Revit project. Such technicalities can only be dealt by Revit users if they are highly proficient with the tools and their functionalities which are utilized by them for developing Revit projects. In short software proficiency is must for users for effectively utilizing different sources of information in Revit, as specific tools and methods are optimized by users for importing the files that contain necessary information for the project in question.

Technicalities faced by users while using information from different sources

  • For obtaining project related information from distinguished sources, the most important thing that is done by Revit users is to either import the file or link it.
  • When it comes to retrieving information from distinct sources, huge differences can be experienced by users if different methods are utilized by them for making the file available in Revit.
  • For example if a file is obtained through Import option in Revit, information retrieval will be different if compared to a file which is linked by users with the assistance of Link option.
  • If in case a CAD file is imported by Revit users in their current project, then it becomes difficult to utilize the latest version of the file, if changes are implemented in it after it is imported by users in their project.
  • This is because if the file is imported in Revit, it does not maintain any link with the original file, due to which it is impossible for users to get its latest version.
  • But when a CAD file is linked by Revit users to their current project, then users can automatically get its latest version as it maintains a link with the original file.
  • That means if changes are made to the original CAD file, they will be automatically updated in the linked CAD file as it maintains a successful link with the original file.
  • Revit has such a powerful mechanism that is automatically updates the changes in the linked file if they are implemented in the actual file.
  • This indicates that linking a file is much better when compared to importing a file.

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