What procedure is applied by Revit users for monitoring elements within host project?

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The one thing that must be very clear to Revit users is that they have to utilize different set of tools for separately monitoring elements within host model and linked model. In Revit, users can conveniently establish a monitoring relationship individually between elements of linked models and current project. And every time a monitored element is changed by Revit users building design software Revit promptly issues a warning against it, which has to be addressed by them during coordination review.

Generally monitoring relationships are established by users between the pairs of such elements which are similar.

Procedure applied by Revit users for monitoring elements within host project

  • For establishing a monitoring relationship between the elements of a host project (current project), Revit users are required to open a project.
  • After the project is opened in building design software Revit, users are required to open a specific view which contains the elements, which they want to monitor.
  • For monitoring the elements in host project users are required to use the tool which can be obtained by accessing Copy/Monitor.
  • The tool which is necessary for monitoring the elements of current project is ‘Use Current Project’ tool.
  • For accessing this tool Revit users are required to click Collaborate tab then Coordinate panel.
  • From the coordinate panel users can easily access Copy/Monitor and after clicking it they can approach a drop-down menu which hosts Use Current Project tool.
  • So users are ultimately required to select Use Current Project tool from the drop down menu for monitoring elements within current project.
  • After that they are again required to click Copy/Monitor after which they should be clicking Tools panel.
  • From Tools panel users can select an icon named as Monitor.
  • Now users are required to select two different elements from current project which can be monitored by them.
  • Once the elements are selected users are required to click Copy/Monitor tab then Copy/Monitor panel and they should finally click the icon which is named as Finished.

If the above steps are successfully followed by users they can easily establish a monitoring relationship between elements.

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