How to develop human character in 3ds Max?

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Well, addition of human characters in a scene makes them look more realistic and hence development or modeling of human character remains one of the key task seven today for renderers. Their accurate modeling puts life in a scene. 3ds Max has provides a wide range of tools to users which make modeling and rendering a convenient affair for them.

To develop human characters in 3ds Max, rendering artists optimize its tools such as ‘MassFX,’ ‘Character Animation and Rigging Tools,’ ‘Animated Deformers,’ and ‘Hair and Fur’ etc.

Character animation and rigging tools are used by 3ds Max users to develop highly believable and realistic human characters in very less time.

  • Biped along with character animation toolkit and crowd animation tools are optimized by renderers to create dynamic characters.
  • With the assistance of MassFX system renderers create extremely realistic body and cloths for the character. By optimizing ‘mRigids’ realistic body and cloths can be developed straight away in the 3ds Max viewpoint.
  • For controlling and tackling skeletal deformation, renderers make use of ‘Skin modifier’ and character animation tools.
  • For creating compelling ragdoll simulations renderers have to use mRigids solver. When mRigids solvers are applied to skeletons compelling ragdoll simulations can be generated by renderers.
  • Rendering artists make use of mCloth specifically for creating realistic clothing for the characters. So by optimizing mCloth, they can create any kinds of cloths for the character depending upon the requirements of the scene.
  • For developing hair, ‘Hair and Fur’ tools are optimized. Hair styling tools are used by renderers for cutting and brushing hair directly in the viewpoint. In this way renderers can create different hair style  which to suites on  the body of the character created by them
  • For adding life to the characters, renderers use animated deformers. Once life is added to the character renderers achieve their goal which ends the entire process.

In this way by making optimizing the crucial features and tools of 3ds Max, renderers create highly realistic human characters.

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