How to make worksets editable in Revit?

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Whenever design development team members work under a worksharing environment in Revit it is truly important for them that their worksets are in editable form. What actually happens is, during worksharing the links of the linked files are incorporated in worksets and if users want to reload a link once a linked file is updated by them then the workset containing the link should be editable. If the workset containing the link is non-editable then the users cannot update the link. If in case such a step is taken by users then an error message pops up in the screen saying that since the workset is in non-editable mode the link was not updated.

Hence it is important that worksets are set in editable mode so that design developments can be easily conveyed among design members through central model.

Use Worksets dialog for making worksets editable

  • For making worksets editable Revit users are required to open the copy of a central model which is used by an individual member.
  • After opening the file, Revit users are suggested to select ‘Worksets’ which resides on the Worksets panel. Worksets panel can be approached by Revit users by going to Collaborate tab.
  • Under Worksets dialog Revit users are required to select relevant options within ‘Show.’ For instance they should be selecting ‘Project Standards’ if in case they want to view Project Standards worksets.
  • Once relevant options are selected under ‘Show’ users are now required to click ‘Editable’ after they have selected workset name.
  • Users can select multiple worksets for editing.
  • For selecting multiple worksets Revit users required to approach ‘Name column’ and select the name of the workset and then press hold Ctrl or Shift for selecting other worksets and finally click Editable once all the desired worksets are selected.
  • After that Revit users should click ‘OK.’
  • Right after OK is clicked by users the worksets become capable of updating a link that means worksets are now set in an editable mode.

Apart from this there are numerous other methods which can be used by Revit users for making worksets editable.

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