Importance of CAD technology in the rise of AEC Industries

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To enhance the growth and development of construction drawings and documents, CAD is well used by design and construction engineers for bringing huge and positive change in Architecture Engineering and Construction Industries.

Before CAD, all the important technical drawings concerning different areas such as architecture, structure and MEP were created manually. The important tools that were used for documentation today, were completely out of picture then. The designing & documentation work was quite difficult at that time.

The professionals had never dreamt that one day the designing & Construction related work will also be automated. The Manual techniques of developing intricate drawing was a common and persistent practice. It was a wastage of time and effort, as paper, pencil and eraser used to be the only tools available.

Architects and engineers use to create varieties of technical drawings such as floor plans, site plans, elevations, detailed drawings and plumbing drawings etc without the support of any high end tools and technology. During final construction, to determine pitfalls or errors among such drawings, were difficult and were mostly related to coordination of different disciplines. Coordination of drawings that are developed on paper used to be very difficult, which usually led for rework when final construction begins. And these signs for a project leads to ultimately increasing its cost and time.

CAD technology has replaced all such situations leading to more productive and minimizing the errors. As CAD came into picture, the things which were used to create obstacles for architects and engineers changed overnight. With the introduction of CAD, the project execution enhanced drastically in AEC industries, since the technical drawings can be developed by trained CAD technician smoothly. Another important point is that drawings created in AutoCAD can easily be modified as per their requirement, and the process of modification doesn’t take much time since professionals utilize distinctive tools that are contained in the software.

CAD drawings are the outputs of CAD drafting, and these can be easily shared to clients as and when they are completed by CAD technician of service providing company.

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