Integrated project delivery approach is highly significant for enhancing productivity

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Well, project delivery approaches are standardize methods which are adopted by owners and service providing companies for the accomplishment of construction projects, by the execution of design and construction services. Apart from Integrated project delivery (IPD), there are other project delivery methods which are also practiced frequently in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry and they include ‘Design-Bid-Build’ and ‘Design Build.’

It largely depends on building owners that which project delivery method they want to adopt. Project delivery methods are all about how a building owner manages to obtain the services for accomplishing a building project. Building owners can either approach different entities for obtaining preconstruction services and for the actual construction of the building or they can also approach a single entity for the overall construction of the building.

But whichever project delivery approach is adopted for building construction, Building Information Modeling services are implemented within all.

Significance of Integrated project delivery method

  • Within the Integrated project delivery method design teams, architects and engineers, general contractors and building owners collectively share all the project risks.
  • Since project risks are shared by all the crucial building stakeholders collectively, it kinds of become important for all of them to give their 100% during project execution.
  • So when integrated project delivery method is adopted, all the key building professionals try to utilize Building Information Modeling effectively for multiplying their productivity throughout project lifecycle.
  • Building Information Modeling allow all the key professionals to perform their activities in the virtual world first, for example architects and engineers can construct the architecture and structure of the building in the virtual world first and can find out the relevant challenges associated to final construction.
  • If potential building challenges are identified by building stakeholders in preconstruction, they can easily change them and hence can increase their productivity.
  • So, within integrated project delivery, rewards are also shared by all the stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Within this approach, construction is carried out through systematic phases which include design conceptualization phase, detailed design phase, drafting phase, and construction phase etc.

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