Navisworks’ contribution in the reduction of budget overruns

Navisworks’ contribution in the reduction of budget overruns 

The thought of budget overruns keeps haunting building owners throughout project lifecycle. Construction industry has a long history of budget overrun cases. No matter how accurate outputs are provided by design and construction professionals at different stages of construction, but they still experience a lot of rework during final construction which leads to budget overruns. And the actual blow of budget overruns is only felt by owners, who have to be accountable for paying every penny that is required for building construction.

But with the utilisation of advanced tools in construction by building professionals, great relief has been provided to owners and general contractors in terms of reduction of budget overruns.

Navisworks’ role in the reduction of project cost 

  • Navisworks, which is an Autodesk product has proved to be extremely important for building owners as it helps in reducing project cost by reducing on site rework.
  • Navisworks comes into picture after building professionals are done with the development of parametric models for architecture, structure and MEP because it is required for identifying hard and soft clashes between their elements.
  • Rework results from design faults such as clashes between architectural and structural elements and Navisworks is possibly the most crucial tool for resolving such clashes.
  • It’s a must that all types of design inaccuracies are effectively sorted out during design phase itself.
  • Hence clash detection is performed for checking out clashes and resolving them a way ahead of final construction.
  • Navisworks has enormous important clash detection tools which not only help in identifying hard and soft clashes but are also vital in managing and resolving them.
  • After clash detection is completed by building professionals, they proceed with BIM coordination, which ensures them that the design is now perfect.

In this way an error-free building design is created by building professionals with the support of Navisworks, which is very crucial for reducing budget overruns.

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