Role of Structural Steel Detailing and Shop Drawing Services in Engineering and Construction Industry

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Structural Fabrication Drawing Services and Shop Drawing Services are significantly used in Engineering industry as well as Construction Industry. Nowadays, these services have become quite popular and a useful option to Structural and Civil engineers. Steel Fabrication Drawing Services and Structural Shop Drawing services play a big role in constructing any building structure precisely. These services provide lots of assistance to Engineers and Designers in creating an effective and accurate drawing and design of a proposed building structure.

Structural Shop Drawing and Fabrication Drawings

Structural Shop Drawings are a set of drawings or pictorial representations that provide detailed information about all prefabricated components i.e. these drawings help you in conceptualizing what all components will be used, proposed materials of components, components’ sizes, and shapes, assembly details and installation process of all parts. Some widely used prefabricated building components are –

  • Cabinet
  • Structural Steel
  • Steel Elevator
  • Air Handling Units
  • Appliances
  • Windows
  • Pre-cast

Structural Fabrication Drawings and Steel Shop Drawings are used to show essential and required information related to Construction Drawings. Construction Drawings assist Engineers in developing building structure properly. Steel Fabrication Drawings and Shop Drawings provide comprehensive information of all components’ dimensions and design specifications.  In construction industry, following services are used for constructing an accurate building structure –

  • Steel Fabrication Drawing Services
  • Structural Steel Detailing Services
  • Steel Shop Drawing Services
  • Metal Fabrication Shop Drawing Services
  • Cabinet Shop Drawing Services

Steel Fabrication Drawing Services and Structural Shop Drawing Services are substantially used in preparing –

  • Steel Erection Drawings
  • Structural Member Detail Drawings, e.g. drawings of columns, bracing, beams, etc.
  • Detail Drawings of Steel Trusses Members  and the connection among the Members
  • Anchor Setting Plan
  • Paper based documents that shows all pre-fabricated components thoroughly

Generally Structural Fabrication Drawing Services and Structural Shop Drawing Services are used are performed by Designers, Structural Engineers, Steel Detailers, Fabricators, Architects and Shop Drawing Experts.

Nowadays, Structural Fabrication Drawing Services and Structural Shop Drawing Services are executed by using various types of advanced CAD and BIM software such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla, etc. Outsourcing of these services is the best option to users. By outsourcing these Fabrication Drawing Services and Shop Drawing Services users can save lots of time as well as money effectively. Tesla Outsourcing Services offers all types of CAD Outsourcing Services including Steel Fabrication Drawing Services and Steel Shop Drawing Services with high precision and affordable rates. Our 20+ years experienced CAD Technicians, Engineers, Fabricators, Structural Consultants and Steel Detailers have expertise in handling any type of Structural project efficiently.  To know more click on or send your enquiry @

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