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Tesla is a decade old BIM Outsourcing Company providing Scan to BIM Services globally. We work on Architectural, Structural and MEP domain for preparation of As-built 3D Models and Drawings for diverse Residential, Commercial and Industrial structures. We have successfully provided Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services to leading global survey companies, contractors etc. Scan to BIM Services is widely used for redesigning, renovation and reconstruction of old and worn out structures such as historical monuments, churches, train stations, airports, museums, government buildings etc.

Point cloud to BIM Input / Output

We transited into Point Cloud Modeling Services in the year 2011. We converted basic survey drawings into 2D As-built drawings prior to the advent of Scan to BIM Services. We have till date executed plenty of Scan to BIM projects successfully with a proven track record of providing accurate deliverables within quick turnaround time. We have a team of BIM Architects and Engineers with ample experience to work detailed on Point Cloud Models. We work on all scan formats that are compatible with BIM software.

What is Scan to BIM?

Scan to BIM Modeling, is a process that converts laser scans or Point Cloud data into 3D BIM geometry with details and components of existing structure. This technology is very much used today for renovation and retrofit projects. Laser scanning is performed using a scanner that captures the images in form of “point cloud data” that can be later converted into CAD Drawings or 3D BIM Models. Scan to BIM Services is widely used today by survey companies to survey existing buildings.


All the elements present in the building are captured well through the laser scanners that usually manual surveys do not seem to manifest. The scans can be in .RCS, .RCP, .E57, .PTS formats. Laser scanning process is usually carried out by survey companies and later registered through a registration process to enable the BIM conversion process of these point clouds.


After the registration process, the Point Cloud data can be utilized to produce accurate 3D models and CAD Drawings as required.

We Provide Scan to BIM Modeling Services for

Tesla Outsourcing Services is an expert in providing highly detailed and precise point cloud to BIM Modeling Services. for diverse buildings. Our Services include

Scan to BIM conversion for Historical Monuments

We have an experience of handling Scan to BIM Conversion for historical monuments, Churches etc. Right from the basic 3D geometries to intricate carvings, domes, Casework, 2D coursing, we do it all. We have a track record of providing Scan to BIM Services with extreme finesse and accuracy.

Point Cloud to BIM Modeling for Train stations, Airport

We are experts in renovating Old Train stations, Airports etc. using Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services. Tesla provides complete assistance in renovating old structures by converting laser scans into BIM Models with intricate Architectural, Structural and MEP details.

Scan to BIM Services for residential and commercial structures

We have worked on Scan to BIM Services for Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Old Residential Buildings, Resorts and Hotels etc. that demand renovation owing to different reasons. We are experts in evaluating the existing design with the help of Scan to BIM conversion and model the proposed design using BIM

Case Study for Point Cloud to BIM  

Benefits of Using Scan to BIM Conversion Service

  • Scan to BIM conversion services is a cost-effective and innovative process to develop As-built models from existing buildings to renovate or refurbish existing structures
  • Ability to reduce redundant construction along with accuracy especially with old and worn out public properties like bridges, tunnels, Government offices etc.
  • Ability to run the As-built model through virtual construction processes like Interference checks, BIM Coordination, 4D & 5D BIM etc. for further enhancement
  • Unlike As-built drawings, Scan to BIM conversion services enable a company to have access to the BIM Model electronically and make changes as and when required as a part of building maintenance schedule.
  • Best advantage that we can offer to clients is to minimize the efforts taken in surveying an existing building during renovation phase. Laser scans minimize these efforts and help in identifying dimensions in form of dense point clouds.

We are well equipped with latest infrastructure such as high configuration computers, graphics card, cloud storage or computer storage, internet speed etc. for seamless execution of all point cloud to BIM projects. Tesla is proficient in reading point clouds and develop a detailed BIM Models with precise tolerance and dimensioning. We also work on recreating existing elements and try to model new elements along with existing ones.

Tesla has successfully made a mark as one of the most prominent BIM Outsourcing Company in India and has assisted many construction companies, surveying companies globally by providing accurate and cost-effective Scan to BIM Services.

Technical Infrastructure
  • High Speed Server to support central Revit files
  • High Speed Processors: Dual Xeon, Xeon, i7 – 16 Thread
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Upto 2 TB hard disks
  • GPU: 2 GB Quadro P620, 4 GB Quadro P1000
  • Dual HD and UHD definition monitors
We have done projects of
  • Historical Monuments
  • Train stations
  • Airport
  • Residential
  • Commercial Structures
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