Why is it important to develop a family with nested components?

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Developing a family with nested component is quite a common practice for Revit users as it saves considerable amount of time and efforts that are required for modeling a new family. Revit’s mechanism allows BIM modelers to develop new families that incorporate integrated family geometry simply by inserting existing Revit families within other families. This technique is quite effective in saving time as users don’t have to model a family from the starting point. For example a combination light family can be created by BIM modelers simply by nesting a light bulb within an existing light fixture family. In this case modelers do not have to create a light fixture as well as the bulb from the beginning.

Use nested components for creating a family

  • For developing a family with nested components in Revit, users are suggested to open an existing Revit family within which they want to insert another family.
  • Once a pertinent existing Revit family is opened by BIM modelers they should then click ‘Insert tab’ within the family editor. Once Insert tab is clicked they should then click ‘Load from Library panel’ which should be eventually followed by selecting ‘Load Family’ icon.
  • If relevant families that should be inserted within a family are selected by BIM modelers they are then required to click ‘Open.’
  • Once relevant families are chosen by modelers they are then required to click ‘Create tab’ after that ‘Model panel’ and they should finally select ‘Component.’
  • Component is selected by users so that they can chose appropriate component type that they would like to nest.
  • So in the ‘Type Selector’ BIM modelers should select component type that would be inserted by them in the family in question.
  • After this BIM modelers are required to click in drawing area for including the nested component in the family.
  • Once the nested components are effectively placed in the family modelers are required to save the family.

In this way BIM modelers can conveniently create new families with the assistance of nested components.

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