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Tesla Outsourcing Services offers high – end solutions for Scan to BIM Services. Our 13 years of experience combined with extensive knowledge and proficient team of architects, BIM Modelers, and MEP Engineers sets us apart from our other competitors. We have in the past decade successfully completed projects for over 1000 clients from UK, USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Our aim is to build prolific partnerships and to provide superior deliverables in quick turnaround time.

Our team works in association with our clients to generate accurate and detailed BIM Model from Point Cloud Data, as well as to recreate existing elements and make new models. We have utilized our expertise in Architectural, Structural and MEP Disciplines for creating detailed As-Built Drawings for renovation, restoration and refurbishment of any existing building or structure.

Our unique client-centered approach and considerable industry knowledge make us a preferred outsourcing partner for Point Cloud to BIM Services.

We Provide Point Cloud to BIM Services for:

Scan to BIM services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings:

Tesla Outsourcing offers accurate and parametric As- built BIM Model for residential, commercial and structures. We have with best results worked on projects such as high rise apartments, hotels and resorts, hospitals, community centers etc. We evaluate the existing designs with our Scan to BIM Services and offer valuable insights during the rebuilding process also.

Scan to BIM services for Infrastructure Projects:

Tesla Outsourcing adheres to all the essential tools and standards that are required for a Scan to BIM infrastructure project to be completed. Backed by a team architects and engineers we have worked on restoration of bridges, train stations, airports etc. / we can aid our clients in the restoration process of bridges, roads, and highways, rail facilities, dams etc.

Scan to BIM Service for Historical Monuments:

Scan to BIM Conversions for historical monuments, churches and museums requires knowledge and finesse especially when it comes to more complex carvings, 3D geometries, domes, casings etc. Our services in this field will provide the clients with a competitive edge and help them finish their project swiftly and in a cost effective manner.

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Laser scanning is more accurate than manual surveys. It requires fewer resources and lesser time as compared to manual surveys. The resultant data is in the form of point cloud and is commonly known as point cloud data or scans. These scans can be utilized to convert an accurate BIM model with the help of different software.

Autodesk recap software supports registered point cloud data in formats such as. rcs and .rcp as it allows to link in Revit file for conversion into BIM Model. Registered scans eliminate the problem of integrating the object's point clouds received from different angles into a single coordinate system. It allows the modeler to gain insight into the complete layout of the structure and is especially beneficial when scanning large buildings.

If provided recap file with 360 realistic image know “ known as EYE ball” which will be result into richer communication in terms of small size architectural & mep services detailing. Many such EYE balls can be placed in the scans to make them more meaningful. These can be created with the use of eye-ball that is present in the laser scanners. eye-ball takes panoramic pictures along with the scans that are placed within the scan data. These pictures may make the file heavy but can be beneficial for modeling and further works related to the restoration process.

Laser Scanning cannot detect minute hidden components of MEP Systems. Considering the importance of MEP Systems, a BIM Modeler must be provided with schematic Drawings and photo-realistic images so that their specifications and details be understood and incorporated into the 3D Model of the project and complete MEP services systems.

All construction work has tolerances that are allowed for inherent variances. Ideally, in a BIM Model made from Point Cloud Scans a tolerance level can be as low as 0.10 mm and it generally dependent on the project's specific requirements. In order to drive tolerance tighter, input CAD files or 360-degree images or videos provided along with the scan are an added advantage to efficient output with minimal tolerance.

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