Scan to BIM Services

We create data-rich 3D models using Autodesk Revit from point cloud and laser survey data. Our Scan to BIM models of LOD (100-500) accurately depict all architectural, structural and MEP elements enabling AEC professionals to carry out effective reconstruction, renovation, refurbishment and facility management.

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Applying technical excellence and unmatched client service to deliver accurate Point Cloud to BIM Services.

We specialize in providing Scan to BIM Services for projects spanning from refurbishment, restoration and renovation of old and frayed structures to expansion of existing structures. Our team of BIM Modeling experts, architects and engineers convert point cloud data (laser scans) into information-rich three-dimensional BIM models using Revit. We work on various scan formats such as as .RCS, .RCP, .E57, .PTS and can carry out projects spanning across residential, commercial and infrastructural sectors.

We understand the importance of a well-executed Scan to BIM project. Our 3D models accurately depict 3D geometries, facades, pipes, walls, roof planes etc. in and around the building. The precise information obtained from our BIM models enable informed decision making about all aspects of the project like planning, designing, scheduling, estimation, quantity take-offs etc.

Our forte lies in executing point cloud modeling projects with precision and in quick timeframe. By using our accurate Point Cloud to BIM Services for their point cloud requirements our clients can stay profitable and gain an edge over their competition. It is our ability to constantly surpass our client’s expectations that has made us the most preferred Scan to BIM Services partner globally.

Scan to BIM

We convert laser scans or point cloud data to create precise 3D BIM models that accurately represent the details and components of existing structure. The input data provided to us includes laser scans, existing CAD drawings, 360° images, videos, etc. The point cloud data can either be already registered or our team can register the same. We use Autodesk Revit and Autodesk ReCap in order to provide the final 3D models of the required LOD (100-500). Our clash-free BIM models generated from scanned data leads to more reliability, quality assurance and facilitates informed decision making.

Scan to CAD

We can effectively convert the point cloud data received from the laser survey into editable CAD files. These CAD files can be provided in the form of .rvt, .dwg, .kit, .pdf etc. formats depending upon the project requirements. Our Scan to CAD solutions allows for easy modifications, better calculations, enhanced sharing and can be stored for a long duration effectively.

Scan to Mesh

Scan to Mesh is a cloud-based feature that allows architects, engineers and designers to create 3D meshes from laser scanned data on the cloud. It provides a faster path from physical to digital workflows.

A mesh is the main output provided by 3D scanners. It represents the surface of a shape with a large number of triangles which are connected edge to edge.

Scan to BIM Process

How Point Cloud Data is converted into precise BIM models

Scope of Work

At the onset our project manager gets in touch with the client to discuss the purpose of the project i.e. renovation, reconstruction, gaining As-Built models, facility management etc. Here, it is determined what elements also need to be modelled and at what Level of Detail. Generally, higher the LOD is directly related to higher accuracy and cost of the project.

Input from the client

Once the project details are finalized the client provides us with all the available data in order to create the BIM models. It includes laser scanned data, site photographs etc.. The client also provides us with any available construction documentation and existing 3D models of the building or the structure. The input received from the clients can be in the form of registered or unregistered data. If the data provided is unregister we can use our skill and experience to register the same.

Registration Process

As stated above if the data obtained from the client is not registered it needs to be registered before it can be used to create a Revit model. Since the scanning process is not always conducted from a singular vantage point, the scans need to be stitched together in order to gain a clear understanding of the building. Here, the construction documentation, 3600 images etc. are utilized as a point of reference.


Point cloud scan data (.rcp and .rcs) is then transported into Revit or CAD. The requisite architectural, structural and MEP components are modelled. Depending on the SOW the model can be linked with time, cost, quantity etc. related data. Clash Detection is also carried out to ensure that the model is error free.

Output/Final Deliverables

Once the error free BIM model has been created we provide the client with the required output. It can be 3D model of a given LOD, construction documentation, as-built drawings etc. We remain open to for any further changes and suggestions even after Scan to BIM Services have been delivered.

Application of our Point Cloud to BIM Services
Application of our Scan to BIM Services

We cater to all kinds of architectural, structural and MEP elements that need to be modeled in a scan to BIM project for historical monuments and heritage buildings, train stations, museums, churches, government buildings, residential buildings, commercial complexes, industrial structures, etc. Our point cloud to BIM solution for heritage sites and historical monuments accurately represents complex 3D geometries, intricate cravings, domes, casework, 2D coursing, etc. We can also effectively carry out Scan to BIM projects for infrastructure and civil structures like bridges, roads, tunnels etc.

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Our Point Cloud to BIM Services includes the following types of modeling
  • Under architectural modeling we create information rich 3D models and 2D drawings for architectural elements such as walls, doors, windows, ceiling, roof, etc. from point cloud data. Our BIM modeling experts develop precise floor plans, elevations, sections that can be used by architects in renovation.
  • Structural modeling which includes the creation of BIM models from laser survey data for structural elements such as beams, columns, trusses, foundation framing etc. We ensure that our final 3D models are clash free and follow the required codes and standards.
  • Our MEP point cloud modeling includes creating as-built models of mechanical (HVAC), electrical, plumbing and firefighting components for residential buildings, commercial and retail spaces.
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