Applying Point Cloud to BIM Services for a Bridge in Ireland.

Applying Point Cloud to BIM Services for a Bridge in Ireland.
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One beautiful day Tesla Outsourcing Services received a request straight from Ireland. A well-known survey firm was working on an already established bridge. The firm was working to insert a boardwalk fixed inside of the bridge. Tesla Outsourcing Services had a clinical task on the head requiring top-notch detailing for all the significant features related to the deck. We had to provide a list of services that include, Point Cloud to BIM Services, Scan to CAD Services, and Scan to Revit Conversion Services. 

Point Cloud to BIM Services

Point Cloud to BIM Services is a platform through which we can capture the as-built conditions of a building. As-built states are a graphical or drawing form of a building intending the structure and measurements regarding the construction of the building. Once we collect the as-built drawings, we process them into different software and produce an informative and detailed as-built model. In the process of the point cloud to the BIM platform, we use the method of Scan to BIM. We create an entire model with high speed and accuracy using 3D laser scanners and a network control system. So Point Cloud to BIM is a platform and Scan to BIM is a process to capture detailed information about an element in physical space, allowing precise and accurate data usage.

Scan to CAD Services

Remember the 3D scans that we require to get details about the construction in an as-built model? Scan to CAD service is something that comes post that. Semi-automatically it converts the 3D scans that we generated in the point cloud to BIM into design ready and editable CAD Files. Scan to CAD services can turn any level of detailing file, e.g. floor, fireplaces. Into an editable file. As we get the CAD file, it works in providing clarity due to which you can work directly into project-specific work. Therefore, Scan to CAD is a semi-automated service that helps in remodeling our 3D Scans into design-ready, editable CAD Files.

Applying Point Cloud to BIM Services: Project Overview.

Tesla Outsourcing in pursuit of providing the best possible Point Cloud to BIM and Scan to BIM Services had to work on a lot of clinical areas for creating a boardwalk beside the bridge. In the process, several things which were to be modelled included:

  • Roads on the Bridge
  • Key Stones
  • Sidewalks of the bridge
  • Light Poles
  • Curbs
  • Electric Poles
  • Topography
  • Traffic Lights
  • Arches
  • Pipes
  • Abutment
  • Wirings
  • Pier
  • Staircases
  • Parapet Wall
  • Ramps
  • Railings on the bridge
  • Under the Bridge Site.

 The client had provided us photographs of the bridge and the point cloud data that we could scan and work forward to submit the result as a 3D Revit Model.

The Process

The process of creating a 3D Revit model by scanning the process in the point cloud to the BIM platform was challenging. First of all, if you see the image (given below), the construction of the bridge was done in a way, that provides a lot of curved surfaces. Due to such development, we had to create an undulated road in the model. Which itself became a big challenge as it was a tough task to capture it correctly to match the actual endpoints of the bridge.

A curb connected another thing being, each of the road and sidewalk. And each of the path and road had different curves as well as undulations. Hence, for every different curve and wave on the street and sidewalk, a different curb was to be designed in the model.

Other than that, we conquered a few software limitations with the help of our expertise and experience of many years in executing complex projects. Hence, from the platform of Point Cloud to BIM Services and by implementing the Scan to BIM process along with Scan to Revit conversion service Tesla Outsourcing successfully prepared a Revit BIM model for the bridge in Ireland. 

To Conclude,

Tesla Outsourcing has many such stories of providing different kinds of services in the construction industry globally. Stay connected to us and keep exploring our value-driven services – Tesla Outsourcing Services

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