Experience the BIM Projects through 360° Virtual Tour

    Office Building Renovation
    Architectural BIM Modeling Services has been executed from the Point Cloud Scans at LOD 200 for an office building in Sweden. The project consisted of an architectural scope of modeling office building of 275 sq. mt for renovation purpose.
    Restaurant Renovation
    The scope of the project was to perform Architectural BIM Modeling of a restaurant “Apple Pan” in USA of 228 sq. mt for renovation purpose. Point Cloud to BIM Services has been executed at LOD 300 from the scans provided by the client.
    Conveyor System
    Structural BIM Modeling Services for theIndustrial crane steel structure and Mechanical equipment has been done. The model has been created from the point cloud scan provided by the client at LOD 300 for an Australian client.
    Second Floor Office Area
    The second-floor office area model showcases the HVAC Services and Structural BIM Modeling Services executed for the project along with MEP Coordination at LOD 300. It was a commercial office building of 4800 sq. ft focusing more on the steel structure discipline.
    First Floor Office Building
    The model consists of first floor office area of a commercial building giving a complete view of HVAC Services including cable trays. MEP Services along with Steel Structure Coordination has been executed for this project.
    Office Building All Levels
    This project includes all level MEP BIM Services including HVAC, Mechanical Piping, Public Health, Power, Fire Alarm and Lighting Services.MEP Coordination for all the services was executed at LOD 300 for the commercial office building.
    Project Type: BIM Coordination, MEP BIM
    First Floor Lobby
    The model for the first-floor lobby area of 1600 sq. mt. provides the virtual tour for MEP Modeling Services executed for the project. The scope consisted of coordinating all the services in the model at LOD 300.
    Project Type: MEP BIM, BIM Coordination
    Ground Floor
    MEP BIM Coordination Services of various services like Fire Alarm, Mechanical Piping, Light, Power, Health Services has been executed for the overall ground floor of the commercial building at LOD 300 making the model clash free.